Thursday, March 27, 2008

How do you get a 2 year old to hold still?

My friend Michelle was in town last week visiting her parents. Her boys are absolutely adorable. Cale will be 4 in August and Bryce is 2. Their dad just left for Iraq so our goal was to get some good pictures for him. Cale did good, he looks like a model in almost every picture. Bryce was awesome and his model side would come out when we could actually get him to sit still :). It was fun to play with them and take their pictures. We always joke about the two boys fighting over Rylin when they get older...I think I would be a happy mom if she ever decided she wanted to date one of them...they would have to move closer though :)


Kyla said...

What cute boys! You guys did a great job with these, they turned out so well! I need to tag along next time you take pictures and learn a few things! :)

Ashley & Josh said...

They are so cute, how could you take a bad picture of these boys! You guys have come a long way, looks good!

The Soptich clan said...

You are just a real true blogographer now. These are very cute pictures, and that's a good idea to publish your blog into a book. Is that expensive? Let me know how it turns out!