Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Baby Girl Brown

Our good friends Josh and Ashley were here for the Summer. They go to school at BYU-Hawaii and are having a baby girl in October. So of course we HAD to take some tummy shots of Ashley since she is so cute prego. This was my first experience to take tummy pictures but I am really happy with how they turned out, and plus it was fun!

This is absolutely my fave picture from the evening! I love the sunset behind her.


Ashley & Josh said...

Wow, you did wonders on my stomach and the pictures turned out so cute! Thanks Ciera. I guess you and Dustin will be our families personal photographers for life or something!

Ashley & Josh said...

Ciera, everyone loves your pictures, you can read my comments on the one I posted up. I think they love you. I was also wondering if you could email me the the pics you edited, I was going to copy and paste the ones from your blog but I was wondering if I could get them all, whenever you have time, Thanks Ciera.