Monday, December 29, 2008

A little diddy for you

I put this together today so that I could give something to Dr. Garde (only the greatest doctor in the world who will forever remain my hero for delivering me some healthy babies) at my appointment tomorrow. It kind of makes me want to actually send some out now, we'll see. After all, I am still trying to finish my thank you notes. Anywho, if anyone wants to have us design an announcement or greeting card of the sort then tell me and I would love to! I guess you could say I am expanding my business or something :)

kendall's announcement_edited-1


Linda said...

That is beautiful!!

Jenna said...

Mmk... you can do my missionary pictures, engagement pictures, wedding invites, reception/wedding pics, baby announcements, baby pictures, all my kids' senior pictures, their missionary pictures, their wedding announcement, engagement pics, wedding/reception pictures, all the grandbaby's pictures and announcements, and my funeral. K? Thanks.