Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Not-So-Baby Paisley

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Our great friends Ashley and Josh are in town for a while. Their daughter Paisley turned 1 in October so we had some fun and took some pictures. Paisley was in a great mood, which makes it soo easy to get some good shots. Thanks Paisley for being so sweet!

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Look at that attitude! She always gives the best “dirty looks” when she catches you looking at her. It is so hard not to laugh because it is so blasted cute!


Ashley & Josh said...

She is pretty cute isn't she....and your such a great photographer! We sure appreciate you (and Dustin) being our family's personal picture takers! I love these pictures!

p.s. Nancy ordered some online from Wal Mart and when she picked them up they thought she was like stealing them or something. They made sure to ask her who took them and how she got them! You're official now!

Lorelei said...

Ciera these photos are amazing. You have such a creative eye! You are very talented at this. Take Care. Lorelei