Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lemme Family


Meet the Lemme’s! This is Great Grandma B with five grand-children, 3 grand-children (in-laws), and 6 1/2 great grandchildren:




 DSC_0067       DSC_0068

 DSC_0104      DSC_0009


Watch out for the crazy cheerleader move below. Justin (Dad) Suggested that they do this pose, we all thought he was kidding but they actually pulled it off in an amazingly pro-gymnast way!

 DSC_0063       DSC_0044

Grandma Lemme and Grandpa Lemme (below) missed the first part of our scheduled photo shoot the day before, so we did a little make-up sesh the next morning. Not everyone could come back, but we were able to take a few more with Grandma and Grandpa L.




Nate and Karissa (above and below) put this whole thing together and are expecting baby numero uno in a few months. The like to call it  “Pat” since they have a shy baby that won’t tell if it is a boy or girl!

 DSC_0089       DSC_0161


All in all a fun evening/morning, and congrats to Nate and Karissa!


Linda Johnston said...

Fun pictures!

Ashley & Josh said...

Cute! Who doesn't love the Lemmes!?